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Logic Pro X sneltoetsen, de meest gebruikte

Geplaatst op 3 juni 2020

Met Logic Pro X kun je op toegankelijke manier muziek mixen als je VoiceOver gebruikt. Overzicht van de meest gebruikte toetscommando's van Logic Pro X voor Mac.


Voor een uitgebreide lijst, ga naar

Afhankelijk van de Logic Pro X versie die je gebruikt kunnen de sneltoetsen afwijken.


Play or Stop : Spacebar

Record : R

Mute Track : M

Mute Off for All : Ctrl+Alt+ Cmd+M

Solo Track : S

Solo Off for All : Ctrl+Alt+ Cmd+S

Toggle Track On : Alt+M

Pause : numerieke punt


Play From Selection : Shift+ Space

Play From Left Window Edge : Shift+ Enter

Set Locators and Play : Alt+Space

Move Playhead to Beginning : Cmd+Return

Capture Recording : Shift+R

Toggle Metronome : K

Toggle Count-In : Shift+K

Delete recording and Return to Last Position : Cmd+.

Advance Playhead 1 Bar : ,

Rewind Playhead 1 Bar : .

Advance Playhead 8 Bars : Shift+,

Rewind Playhead 8 Bars : Shift+.

Set Locators by Region : U

Move Locators Back by Cycle Length : Shift+Cmd+,

Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length : Shift+ Cmd+.

Enable Cycle : C

Display Management

Zoom Horizontal Left : Cmd+Left

Zoom Horizontal Right : Cmd+Right

Zoom Vertical Out : Cmd+Up

Zoom Vertical In : Cmd+Down

Zoom to Fit Selection or All : Z

Catch Playhead : ` (back tick)

Scroll in Play : Ctrl+`

Toggle Grid : Ctrl+G


Using the specified tool, hold down the specified Keys to achieve a different command :

Change to the Zoom : Ctrl+Alt

Drag a region to create : Alt (muis)

a copy

Select automation nodes : Shift (muis)

Create crossfade between audio regions : Ctrl+Shift (muis)

Adjust curves : Ctrl+Shift (muis)

Create marquee selection for selected region : Alt (marquee)

Add to marquee Selection : Alt+Shift (marquee)


Musical Typing : Cmd+K

Mixer : X

Piano Roll : P

Editor : E

Inspector : I

Tool Menu : T

Library : Y

Loop Browser : O

Audio File Editor : W

All PlugIn Windows : V

Global Tracks : G

Track Automation : A

List Editors : D

Media Area : F

Notepad : Alt+N

Key Commands : Alt+K

Control Surface Learn Mode : Cmd+L

Controller Assign ments : Alt+Sh ift+K

Project Settings : Alt+P

Preferences : Cmd+,

H Track Hide


Select All : Cmd+A

Deselect All : Alt+Shift+D

Invert Selection : Shift+I

Select All Following : Shift+F

Select Auxiliary Channel Strips : Shift+F

Select All Inside Locators : Shift+L

Select Overlapped Regions /Events : Shift+O

Select Output Channel Strips : Shift+O

Select Equal Regions / Events : Shift+E

Select MIDI Channel Strips : Shift+E

Select Similar Regions / Events : Shift+S

Select Instrument Channel Strips : Shift+S

Select Muted Regions / Events / : Shift+M

Channel Strips : Shift+M

Select Equal Colored Regions / : Shift+C

Events / Channel Strips : Shift+C

Scroll to Selection : Shift+`

Select Same Channels : Shift+H

Select Highest Notes : Shift+Up

Select Lowest Notes : Shift+Down

Bron: Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

by Bill Smith (Naenyn) via

Note : These key configs and the cheat sheet are a WIP. The key commands file corres ponding to

this cheatsheet is available HERE. It is worth noting that there are a few slight variations from

the default key config ura tion; hence, the download.